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“Certora’s technology helped to cover security on decentralized Aave Protocol, essentially finding vulnerabilities that are usually difficult to find in manual code reviews and audits. When building mission-critical software such as financial technology, Certora is a must.”

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Stani Kulechov, CEO and Founder of Aave

“Formal verification from Certora is the most powerful tool we have to ensure that we are building a secure, impenetrable system -- the top priority for any serious smart contract developer."

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Jeff Wu, CTO and Co-founder, Notational Finance

“Certora has been a crucial partner along Balancer's journey to ensure excellence in our code quality/security"

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Fernando Martinelli, Co-founder & CEO, Balancer

“Certora has been a critical security partner in Stakehouse Protocol’s formalization efforts. We are consistently impressed by the team’s hands-on approach and their Certora Prover tool efficacy. It reinforces the key mechanisms while giving clarity and adversarial simulation for our Multichain ETH scenarios.”

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Matt Shams, CEO, Blockswap Labs

"Certora gives us so much peace of mind as we develop smart contracts at Syndicate. With formal verification running on every single commit, we can maintain a fast development velocity without decreasing security."

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Will Papper, Co-founder and CTO, Syndicate

“Certora has unlocked TrustToken’s ability to iterate quickly while maintaining confidence in the security of our smart contracts. Our team has discovered and fixed numerous unintended bugs thanks to this powerful tool.”

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Yuchen Lin, Lead Security Engineer, TrustToken

"Certora has given us the ability to practically apply formal verification methods to anything we do on-chain. They have an excellent team who we've partnered with closely over the years, and the process of writing invariants with them has proven to be invaluable in writing better smart contracts."

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Jared Flatow, VP of Engineering, Compound Finance

“The Certora prover plays an important role in our overall safety strategy by providing an accessible way to quickly iterate on formal specifications and determine the correctness of bytecode. It's what we reach for when both time and safety are of the essence. Engineers can learn to use it in a few days and don't need a Ph.D. in formal methods to create good specifications. The tool recently helped us to uncover an inconsistency in an updated version of one of our oldest smart contracts, which was a surprising result. The Certora team is highly responsive and promptly addresses issues we encounter.”

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Kurt Barry, Protocol Engineer, MakerDao


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Senior Frontend Developer
Senior Enterprise
Sales Rep
Security Engineer

Hybrid / Israel

Certora is developing cutting edge tools for guaranteeing software correctness.
We are looking for front end developer that will develop our user-facing features, and work closely with the rest of the development group and product group to deliver easy-to-use solutions to our users –  developers, and auditors in the web3 world.



  • At least 4 years of experience with Javascript, HTML, CSS and frameworks/libraries such as React, VueJS
  • Ability to plan and create complex UI according to product & design specs
  • Well-versed in coding best practices, agile methodologies, CI/CD, testing
  • Passion for learning and implementing new technologies
  • Independent, fast learner, creative, great communication skills


  • BSc in computer science / elite army unit graduate – advantage

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