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The Certora Prover plays an important role in our overall safety strategy by providing an accessible way to quickly iterate on formal specifications and determine the correctness of bytecode.

Kurt Barry


Working with Certora on Lido V2 was a great and very insightful experience. Came looking for formal verification, have got to work with the expert team looking to ask detailed and insightful questions on levels way deeper than just the code.

Victor Suzdalev


Certora has been a critical security partner in Stakehouse Protocol's formalization efforts. We are consistently impressed by the team's hands-on approach.

Matt Shams

CEO, Blockswap Labs

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Continuous security with world-class experts

Get an audit every time you change your code. Whether you engage our team full-time, or work with us to write an initial set of formal rules, we'll work closely with you to find a solution that works perfectly for your security needs.

Custom rules

Our team of formal verification experts will craft rules to verify your code properties. You can incorporate these rules into your CI pipeline or work with our team to re-run and update rules as your code changes.

Unlimited Prover access

Our team will get you setup to run Prover yourself when you need it. You'll then have full access to run Prover with no restrictions on minutes-run and the highest possible timeout limits to ensure even the most complex jobs get completed.

Incident response

If a security incident occurs anywhere in the ecosystem that could potentially impact your code, our team will join the war-room to quickly mitigate as much risk as possible and find a solution that keeps your users safe.

Engage our community

As an Enterprise client, you will have first priority to engage in community audits as an added security layer. Through this audit, you'll work with our community to crowdsource custom formal specifications to find vulnerabilities in your code.

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Run the leading formal verification tool for free

  • Up to 2,000 min/month runtime
  • Write your own rules
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Integrate the tool trusted by top DeFi protocols to keep their code secure

  • Unlimited Prover access
  • Setup & onboarding support
  • Up to 10 team members
  • Specification review
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Ongoing analysis & verification of your code as you build it

  • Audit + formal verification retainer
  • Our experts write rules for your code
  • Unlimited Prover access
  • Training & dedicated support
  • Incident response
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